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Advertiser Overview

Success for our advertisers means success for our business. At GuruMedia, we continually test new product platforms and delivery methods to ensure the highest possible level of conversion rates.

We handpick each of our affiliates. (Literally, we have acres of them planted already.)

GuruMedia handles more than one billion impressions in internal advertising every single month while our publishers and affiliates network produces billions of additional and highly targeted impressions. Because of our sheer volume, we are able to test various products and services across the online market, which generates thousands of leads daily for our advertisers.

With hundreds of publishers and affiliates at our disposal, our advertising partners always get the targeted audience they seek.

Because we handpick each of our affiliates based on their willingness to adhere to strict quality compliance standards in all aspects of online marketing, you are assured that your product or service will be represented properly and effectively at all times.

Our staff combines for decades of experience in the online marketing space. When you choose to do business with GuruMedia, you receive not only a competent advertising platform but also a vast network of experienced marketers and affiliates who understand the advertising space and how it will evolve well into the future.

  • Industry leading ad placement technology
  • Strict compliance to quality standards
  • Vast network of experienced marketers and affiliates
  • Billions of monthly pageviews available for marketing placement
  • High conversion rates or your products and services

Deliver highly relevant ads to your audience across the web.

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