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GuruMedia works with hundreds of advertisers to secure industry leading online marketing campaigns. With our status as a mega affiliate, we are able to generate advertising opportunities for publishers that pay some of the industry’s top CPM, CPC, and CPA rates.

We follow the toughest online quality standard practices on the market which means our ads are safe for your website(s), while delivering products customers want to view.

We follow the toughest online quality practices in the market, which means our ads are safe for your website(s) while delivering products and services customers want to view and engage with.

GuruMedia is always examining new publisher partnerships, and we are willing to work with the right publishers regardless of size. Whether you service thousands or millions of page impressions per week our cutting edge technology and strong financial standing allows us to work towards and maintain long-term relationship with all of our partners.

If you are a single website owner or control a network of properties, GuruMedia will quickly become your leading partner to generate revenue for your traffic.

  • 100% premium fill rate for first impression traffic
  • Industry leading ad placement technology
  • Strict compliance to quality standards for all ads served
  • Ads serviced by a large network of experienced marketers and affiliates
  • Payments made ontime, every time.

Deliver highly relevant ads to your audience across the web.

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