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    • Weekly payments.
    • More offers.

    Top Offers

    Access to exclusive lists of hot offers, top offers, and more than 2000 other offers in one network.

    Weekly Payments

    Get paid weekly, backed by more than 10 years of an excellent payment record.

    Daily Audits

    We actively reconcile and add any missing conversions due to pixel misfires.

    Personal Approach

    Whether you're a super-affiliate or it's your first year in online marketing, you will automatically enjoy a 5-star personal approach.

    VIP Treatment

    Unlike most affiliate networks, enjoy the 5-star VIP support you need as a valued partner.

    Personal Support

    Chat about offers, online resources, the affiliate marketing business, and more with a dedicated support chat room with direct access to the management team.

    Affiliate Tech Partners

    Smart payments

    Get paid fast with the world's most advanced automated payment pipeline.

    Advanced Performance tracking

    Powered by Everflow's comprehensive and intelligent tracking platform.

    Market Leader

    GuruMedia’s large choice of organized offers with full details and the highest payouts is beyond most networks' standards.

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    Guru Media is the greatest affiliate network with super fast payments, high quality offers and the best support!



    Very good and professional service for the Guru network. Everything at the highest level. Every request is made immediately. I recommend working with a Guru.


    Guru Media is really knowledgeable. They know which strategies to recommend for my traffic to maximize my earnings.


    GuruMedia is currently my favorite affiliate network. They have a wide variety of great offers, the payments are made weekly and always on time, and the support team is just amazing. They are very attentive and always ready to assist you with any issue.

    I highly recommend GuruMedia to everyone!


    This is the best affiliate networks I have been working with so far in my career, never seen such a dedicated team and very helpful 24/7.

    Fastest payouts, weekly and 110% on time. Period.


    Guru Media is a great partner, the support service is like your second family, they will do everything for you that you ask. I have worked in various affiliate networks, but nowhere have I seen such attentive and prompt support service! I recommend this affiliate network!


    Great network, excellent and dedicated staff with personal attention. Payments are always on time. very satisfied.

    Shlomi Babayoff

    Shlomi Babayoff

    I am more than happy to be working with Guru Media. The AM is very professional and always responsive. If you promote health, nutra offers you must join them!!


    I love Guru Media..... It pays fast.. Their affiliate support is excellent... I can recommend them as a reliable partner and a team of professionals in the affiliate marketing industry.



    • Business friendly.
    • Tech Savvy.
    • Full Transparency.

    Million-scale Conversions

    We have delivered over 17,000,000 sales, and counting, to thousands of offers across hundreds of advertisers.

    Fraud Free

    Our traffic partners share the top priority vision of integrity and commitment to the quality of the traffic.

    Restrictions Enforcement

    All traffic restrictions and other quality considerations are actively enforced across all offers.

    Quality Traffic

    From hundreds of vetted traffic partners from the online marketing community.

    Expert Knowledge

    We can help with analyzing your funnels and suggesting improvements based on tried and tested case studies.

    Sustainable AOV

    Explore new traffic sources such as PPC and Native, while maintaining the same AOV or higher.

    Cutting-edge technology

    Filter out bots and fraud

    Quality controlled with Anura's fraud detection platform.

    Advanced Performance tracking

    Powered by Everflow's comprehensive and intelligent tracking platform.

    Traffic Vetting

    GuruMedia's vetting process of traffic partners is on par with the highest levels of corporate security clearances.

    So your offers will only be run by hand-selected traffic partners from an exclusive internet marketing community.


    Multi-point proof of identity

    Cross-checking background information

    Extensive interview process

    Strong references for online marketing campaigns

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